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What People Are Saying

“All the team here are really helpful and they've got a tidy set up of amps, keyboards and various Jazz Piano books to learn if you're feeling adventurous. Quality studio!”

Josefa Sergei Dobraszczyzki

Will Tun and The Wasters

“Great studios! Highly recommended!”

Sam Garrard

Ushti Baba

“We recorded our new EP ' The Circus is Real' at Music Ape and were very happy with the result. From tracking, through to mixing and mastering (which we opted for all in house) the guys went above and beyond to help get it finished.”

Samwise Sorenson

Lounge Cat Ideals

“Great, friendly and amazingly supportive recording studio.”

Liam O'Connell

My Octopus Mind

“We thoroughly enjoyed our recording experience at APE. The engineers are really friendly and have lots of good advice to give (if you ask for it!) We particularly enjoyed the various different spaces they have which is useful for simultaneous recording. Highly recommended!”

Jack Salt

The Inexplicables

“Had a great day funkin' out in the studio, looking forward to more of it.”

James Lightowlers

Dr. Days' Junction

“Awesome studio and awesome people. Big up guys!”

Eloy Sinser

Cut Capers

“Such fun! Seamless, efficient, nothing was a problem; definitely planning my next project already... An amazing day of recording yielded some excellent results - thank guys!”

Sara-Louise Hannaford

“I recorded my first EP at Music APE this time last year as a solo singer-songwriter. The guys were excellent, really helped to guide me through the process and help me to feel at ease and relaxed which helped to get the best out of what I was doing.

They were excellent to work with in post production as well and I was really pleased with the end result.

Chris Dickens

Hot Knife Club